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    over 55 years tradition of producing
    the finest, Luxurious Cashmere knitwear

    made in scotland, famous throughout the world

    Using the finest of yarns, the unique soft Scottish water, the skills and craftsmanship of generations and the pride of the workforce,
    Scott & Charters continue to produce some of the world’s finest luxury Scottish cashmere knitwear.

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    hawick has been steeped in knitwear for over one hundred years

    The Scottish brand is held in very high regard worldwide.
    Scott & Charters is all about that ethos of quality.

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    sourced from the best spinners in the world

    Cashmere is almost a technical fibre without anyone knowing it.
    As far as knitwear is concerned, it's the most luxurious fine fibre, the Rolls Royce.

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    great care and attention goes into every individual garment

    We're used to working with designers.
    The designers are also happy working along with us, because they know they'll get a high quality product.

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    so much history, knowledge, experience and pride

    We make the best garments in the world in Hawick.
    We've got a great tradition!

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    knitwear is a big part of our lives in hawick

    For years and years, it's been a family tradition. My granny and grandad were in the mill,
    and it's been passed on. So you're taught by experts, really!

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    Scott & Charters

    made in scotland, famous throughout the world

    Instead of showing you our collection of knitwear,
    the question is, what would you like?